Shauna Sieger                                                                             
Finished loom (Oct, 2019)
Centre Of The Earth

Graduation Project

Centre Of The Earth is an interactive installation that is created to provoke discourse surrounding mental health. Participants are encouraged to reflect and experience a moment that enables them to check in with themselves, through a chosen plant that best highlights their current mood. After the participant has chosen their desired plant, they then will have the opportunity to engage and weave it into the loom. Thus, creating visual data that best represents the audience's mood. This allows the individual’s ability to consciously be aware of their thoughts and feelings. In hopes to enable greater awareness of themselves and lessen the stigma of mental health.

Research has shown that community involvement and personal connection with nature can have a positive impact on our mental well-being. Therefore, sparking a sense of belonging and connection. Centre Of The Earth is an opportunity to express your feelings through a communal weaving process that will be contributed by fellow participants. The installation is a tribute to the beauty of plants, community involvement and the fluidity of feelings.

Alongside the loom, a mirror advises a step by step guide on how to engage with the installation. The mirror enhances the premise of the exhibition, an inward reflection of the self. The choice to use plants stems from wanting to make a conscious effort to combine connection to nature and to exercise the idea that nothing stays the same. Over the course of the exhibition the plants may fall, change in colour, shrink and die. A visual metaphor to amplify that we as humans are forever evolving, and not stagnant. Allowing us to recognise the ebs and flows of our emotions.

In situ - RMIT Communication Design Grad Show, Oct 2019.

                                                          in                                                            Tasmania