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For The Love Of Oysters

Studio Project / Educational Kit

Design a contented and transportable education kit for MFDC to use; at community events with their education trailer; or to be used in the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre classrooms.(Audience year 7 -10 high school students) The educational kit will focus on a particular Marin life that inhabit the Port Phillip Bay area. Demonstrating stewardship; the experience is to be engaging enough for the subject to understand why we should be looking after the marine life.

RMIT University, Naarm/Melbourne
For the love of Oysters is an interactive installation for MFDC. It’s based on the Native Flat oysters (Ostrea Angasi) which were an integral part of the Port Phillip Bays marine ecosystem til it’s decline due to dredging and over farming occurred in the 1800’s and again in the 1970’s. The installation is an informative and engaging experience. Educating the students on the Native Flat oysters and their important role in the marine ecosystem. The learning outcomes from the installation will trigger an appreciation for the Port Phillip Bay, bringing a sense of belonging to where we live.


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